About Us

The JENALUCA brand was created by a family-owned small business focused on offering excellent product quality and responsive customer service.

Jenaluca Quality Products. We research what works well and what doesn't to offer distinctive Jenaluca products for your home that are built to last, function well, and are made from the highest quality materials. For example, our scoops are: made of premium 18/8 stainless steel that won't pit or rust, designed with ergonomic identical handles for right-handed and left-handed use, and operate on a cog and ratchet system with no spring to minimize the hand strength needed to use them.

Jenaluca Customer Experience. Just as important as product quality, however, is your Jenaluca buying experience, which we desire to be nothing less than stellar. If you need anything before or after your purchase of any Jenaluca product, please get in touch with us and we will respond to you right away.

Jenaluca Lifetime Guarantee. Each Jenaluca Scoop that is sold by Jenaluca is backed by our well-known Lifetime Guarantee. We believe in the long-lasting quality of our products and the commitment to each one of our customers to have a hassle-free, smile-generating buying experience. Information on how to register for the Lifetime Guarantee that is included with your product. It applies to your gift recipient as well.

Jenaluca Specialty Packaging. We designed our packaging with the gift giver in mind. We want the presentation of the scoops to be as elegant and impressive as the dishes you create with these scoops. Jenaluca Scoops are ideal holiday, wedding, bridal shower, birthday, hostess, anniversary and special occasion gifts.