To be eligible for the Lifetime Guarantee for your Jenaluca product, you must register below within thirty (30) days of the date of purchase. Locate the product you purchased below and click the link to the right for the registration form for that product.  If the product breaks or malfunctions, follow the steps below to claim the Replace or Refund Lifetime Guarantee.

How to Claim your Lifetime Guarantee:
If your product malfunctions or breaks, and you have registered as required for the Lifetime Guarantee, please follow these steps to claim your guarantee:

1.  Package your product and return it to us at:

            Jenaluca Customer Support – LG
            1850 Techny Ct.
            Northbook, IL  60062

2.  We will replace your product in kind (e.g. small scoop for small scoop). If for any reason we no longer carry this product, we will refund your purchase price (excluding original shipping costs).

3.  If your product is part of a set, such as our 3 piece scoop set and only one product in the set is broken, please return only that product and it will be replaced. If we no longer carry that product, we will replace the percentage portion of the set. For example, 1 scoop in a 3 piece set is refunded at 33% of the original purchase price (excluding original shipping costs).

4.  If you purchased this as a gift, our guarantee extends to your gift recipient. Please note their name in the registration form “message” section via the CONTACT FORM below.